Every girl has dreamt of her wedding day ever since she was little. She has every little thing planned in great details, be it the flowers she wants or where she wants to get married or the theme of the wedding. The most important thing in the young girl’s wedding dream is her bridal designer lehenga which has to be exquisite as to make sure it leaves her beau enthralled as she walks down the aisle.

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Today, plenty of styles are available, however, lehenga is still what every Indian bride goes for when it comes to her best day. In Indian culture, the lehenga choli has been worn for a very long time and it still holds utmost significance. And definitely, it is not easy for any bride-to-be to select one.
So, if you are wondering why lehenga holds so much value and what should be kept in mind before going for one then read further and find out.

Enhances the beauty
Every woman is known to go crazy over deciding on their wedding dress and Indian women are no different. Well, why shouldn’t they be? After all, this is a much awaited day that comes once and it has to be heavenly. Every bride fantasizes to look her beautiful best and be the eye-catching element of the ceremony while she makes her grand entrance. And every Indian bride is incomplete without an alluring lehenga. This is what differentiates her from the rest as it goes on to enhance her beauty when accompanied by best bridal mehandi, right bridal makeup, latest hairdo and jewellery. The beauty of a woman in her wedding dress is a beauty that isn’t like anything else. It is absolutely mesmerising and memorable.
To sum it up, what food is to Indian wedding; lehenga is to Indian bride.

Points to consider while buying a lehenga
It is essential for a bride to know how she wants to look on her wedding. Does she want a simple yet elegant look or decorated and detailed lehenga? The varieties of lehenga we have now are in great numbers. While deciding on the style of lehenga, it is imperative to take in mind the body shape, the skin tone of the bride and the weather around the wedding day. The bride should be clear on the type of dupatta and the weight of lehenga she wants. The fabric should be chosen according to the embroidery and work she wants on the lehenga.
From choli to dupatta, color to style, to-be-bride should be crystal clear on every factor. If you are not sure then below mentioned are a few renowned lehenga choli styles that get preference from clan of brides:-
1. Flared lehenga.
2. Jacket with lehenga.
3. Panelled lehenga.
4. A line lehenga.
5. Mermaid/Fishtail.
6. Trail lehenga.
7. Double flare.
8. Sharara lehenga.

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Rent your dream lehenga
It goes without saying, that the wedding dress is the most important matter for the bride. But is it worth spending tons of money over a dress that will be only worn once?
Wait, I will rephrase the question.
Is it worth spending tons of money over a dress that will be only worn once when it can be rented?
Is your answer ‘No’? Well, I thought so.
No worries ladies because MeriBindiya has got your back. It offers a wide range of graceful and beautifully embodied lehenga choli to choose from. Renting your lehenga serves both the purpose. Firstly, it makes sure you get what you have been looking for and turn out to be drop dead gorgeous on your perfect day. Secondly, you are double elated as renting saves you quite a money which you can put to better use (perhaps honeymoon!).
If you wish to rent lehenga not only for your wedding, but otherwise also then visit http://www.meribindiya.com or contact at 08130520472.

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