Which type of hair treatment will suit your hair?

On your wedding day, gazillion eyes are on you and only God knows how many times you will get to hear the sound of camera flash, perhaps billion times and this means your beauty is at stake. It is not only about the pictures you will see post wedding but also about how you look on the very day. In fact, as far as photographs are concerned, the photographer will probably retouch the same (but that too only to an extent). Therefore, the best thing to do in this case is to go for hair treatment a certain time before your wedding.

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There are number of types of hair treatment package amongst which you can choose from. They can vary as per duration, usually consisting of 1 month to 6 months. They can also differ as per services included in them i.e. from hair keratin to hair smoothing, hair rebonding, hair dusting, etc.
One of the most important things to do while choosing any package is to know your hair completely i.e. they are wavy, curly, straight, dry, oily, dull, rough, damaged and so on. If you are not sure about anything then hair experts will not refrain from helping you with it.

Hair SPA Treatment for Bridal

Here are few words on what kind of pre-bridal hair treatment you should go for as per your hair type:-

Dull & damaged hair
Choose Hair Keratin, Smoothening  Hair Treatment if your hair is at the stage where their repairment is not possible. It reduces the frizz, humidity no more messes with your hair and thereby making your hair shiny and bouncy. The best part of this hair treatment is it will stay post marriage for quite some time as it lasts long for 6-8 months. Therefore, you can enjoy even your honeymoon period without facing a bad hair day!

Curly hair
This is one hair type which looks so good but is most difficult to manage. A lot goes into keeping them healthy and looking good, especially when you decide to keep them down or half up.
You can opt for in-salon deep conditioning hair treatment which holds the power even to turn most brittle hair into shiny and healthier one.
If you plan to go for something entirely different or opposite. For example straight hair, hair smoothing or rebonding should be your call.

Rough & dry hair
If your hair falls under the category of rough and dry then they need utmost care before marriage or on special occasions needless to say daily. If time or money has been an issue that you couldn’t go for a nice hair treatment such as Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque in your usual days then the wedding is the perfect excuse to go ahead.
This hair treatment will provide your hair with required moisture and instant suppleness that even the driest strand of your hair will not be able to stop itself from shimmering.
Hair dusting is another type of hair treatment which you can go for if you wish to get rid of the damaged hair tips and not hair length.

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Wavy or straight hair
Straight or wavy hair that usually falls prey to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle ends up losing its sheen in quite some time. And it is not hard to imagine how will you look with such hair on your D-day. Talk to the hair specialist now. Book your appointment for pre bridal hair treatment. Find out what works best for you.

Above points on hair treatment were all about what your hair expert is willing to do. You need to put efforts on your behalf as well. Use shampoo given by professionals. Time-to-time conditioning. Twice a week oiling. Many more such options.
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