Variety in party makeup

Are you the host of the party? Or someone has organized it for you? Or even you are simple a guest. A party is a party and your entry should show that you were really excited to be a part of it. From your outfit to your party makeup, everything shows it.

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People usually spend time and money on clothes to footwear and hairstyle and usually ignore makeup. They think a bit of kajal, mascara, lipstick and concealer will do good. Well, girls gone are the days. They are the basic party makeup requirement but there is a whole lot of variety even in this. 2018 have some new style in its kitty for party makeup. Here they are:-

Party Makeup By Meribindiya’s Junior Artist

Strobing is the new contouring
Why look painted when you can look dewy?
If you agree with this, contouring should be your call over strobing. Strobing is nothing but millenial term for highlighting. Extra highlight is anyway what you need on your w-day to look more glamorous, shiny and young.

Many brides try to experiment with bridal makeup by themselves. Strobing isn’t one of them to do as it can turn to sweaty if not done right. Therefore, it is better to get it done by a professional bridal makeup artist.

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Color pop up
Colors are going to be the talk of the party makeup town in 2018. No, I am not saying you to turn into a clown, but bright hue eye makeup or glaring lipstick is the new in. You will have perfect pouts with high color hues and high-impact pigments. Use colored mascara instead of look-at-me-eyeshadow. Poppy eyeshadow palettes, shimmery colors, multicolor eyeliner, teal half liner, ombre lips, popsicle stained lipstick and what not forms part of a color pop up kit.

You will do good if you end up booking a professional party makeup artist. Only they know what’s in trend but also how to apply these 2018-ish colors without going overboard.

Metal it is!
Metallic dresses have been doing talking from quite some time. Lately metallic makeup has been doing the same.
If this is the time when you sift through your bag which is loaded with assorted makeup products but you can’t find one which will give you the right amount of glow then it might be because your bag is missing something between hardcore glitters and superfine shimmer.
So, all the brides-to-be make some room for metallic makeup this year.

Gloss is back
Gloss is back or did it actually went anywhere in the first place? Well, it doesn’t matter because the gloss is here to rule in 2018, definitely. Gone are the days of matte, the beloved glossy trend is going to stay (or rule) here for some time. Lipgloss of neutral color or subtle bright colors or soft hue of pink will make you stand out in your marriage and otherwise as well.

Party Makeup look

Above were just a few of the makeup trends, there are more to it and you get to know about all of them from professional party makeup artists at MeriBindiya. Book your makeup appointment with the MeriBindiya makeup artist, know your skin, discuss what will suit your attire and go for it.
The celebrity party makeup artists here know the makeup industry inside out. You can choose from basic party makeup package to advance ones.

Go to your party looking like never before!

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